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Experienced Lawyers Serving Consumers in New York and New Jersey

M. Cabrera & Associates, PC represents consumers in credit card litigation, bankruptcy, foreclosure, mortgage loan modifications and collection disputes. Our attorneys work hard to achieve the best resolution of your matter. We treat you as if you were our only client. If you are struggling under overwhelming debt, let us help you make a fresh start. If you're in the New York City area, choose us to represent you!

Experience matters when you're selecting a lawyer

When you are drowning in consumer debt, you need legal advice. As experienced debt relief attorneys, we protect your interests and help you regain financial stability. Whether you want to settle your debt, file for bankruptcy, or you are seeking a free consultation concerning consumer debt issues, we are here to help.
Aggressive protection of your rights.
We understand that mortgage lenders, banks and debt collectors are difficult to deal with, and they only care about getting paid. We do everything in our power to ensure these institutions do not violate your rights.
Respect and honesty.
We review your situation from all angles and give you an honest assessment of your situation. We value your opinion, and we treat you with respect. We never pressure you to settle or push you into a bankruptcy.
Experience and practical knowledge.
We have extensive experience on both sides of the collection process, which gives us a unique advantage. We understand how creditors and debt collectors operate and the tactics they use to intimidate you. This practical experience pays off when we negotiate or litigate your consumer debt matter.
We are detail-oriented and determined to achieve your goals. We understand what you are going through when lenders and credit card companies are hounding you. We are your partner in your case. Let's work together to get you out from under your debts.
If you to want hire us to help you get free of your debts or if you're looking for more information contact M. Cabrera & Associates, PC. at 845-531-5474.