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Mortgage Loan Modification Services in New York and New Jersey


Our Attorneys Negotiate Better Mortgage Payment Terms

The goal of a mortgage loan modification is to reduce your payments so you avoid foreclosure and keep your home. The attorneys at M. Cabrera & Associates, PC persuasively negotiate on your behalf. We are aggressive advocates for your interests.

What is a mortgage loan modification

Every lender handles workout plans differently, but it is common for a mortgage service to agree to lower your interest rate, extend the term of your loan to lower the monthly payments, reduce your principal balance or waive some fees. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage or are facing foreclosure, an attorney at M. Cabrera & Associates can negotiate with your lender to make your mortgage more affordable.
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Why you need a lawyer to help you

Your lender would be absolutely delighted if you represented yourself in the loan modification process. Your lender's lawyers, who handle modifications every day, would love nothing better than to negotiate a modification with someone who has never done it before. If you don't want your lender to take advantage of you, you need an experienced attorney to represent your interests. Having a lawyer on your side can help you:
  • Obtain a significantly lower rate of interest
  • Re-amortize the loan to include past-due payments
  • Waive interest and fees
  • Reduce your loan balance
  • Fix your mortgage rate if it is adjustable
  • Lower your total mortgage payment
If your lender is unwilling to negotiate, our attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers who can provide a strong foreclosure defense in court. And if your mortgage is not your only financial problem, we can also help you with credit card debt settlement and, if warranted, bankruptcy advice.
If you want to learn more information about mortgage loan modification or to schedule a free consultation, please call M. Cabrera & Associates in the New York City Metropolitan Area at 845-531-5474.