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Testimonials for M. Cabrera & Associates, PC. in New York and New Jersey

Client - debt settlement in Goshen NY
"I was being harassed by debt collectors almost every minute of the day. Mr. Cabrera was not only able to make the calls stop but he helped me receive a settlement from one of the companies who was especially aggressive towards me."

- Reggie L.
"I could not afford the payments a debt settlement company stated they were being offered to resolve my credit card debt. M. Cabrera & Associates settled my case for $.32 on the dollar and I was able to make payments of $100 per month. The firm saved me over $5000. "
"Rosa S
"M. Cabrera & Associates settled my debt case for less than 25% of the amount I was sued for. I paid $7500 on a $35000 debt."
Frank D
"M. Cabrera & Associates settled my debt lawsuit for 25% of the amount listed in the complaint. I paid $5250 on a $42000 debt and I was able to make the settlement in two payments. "
Jacob T
"M. Cabrera & Associates saved me nearly 50% on my Toyota debt case and I received a payment plan of $100 per month."
Donna H
"After my failure to settle the accounts on my own, M. Cabrera & Associates settled my $100,000 student loan judgments with National Collegiate Student Loan for nearly 50% of what I owed. The firm was able to stop the collectors from seizing my bank accounts as well. "
Guerlie L
"It took M. Cabrera & Associates nearly two years of fighting with New Century Financial, but in the end they were able to dismiss my case and I won’t have to pay any money on the debt. I save over $6500. "
Nixon V